We are excited to announce the TM Enrichment schedule for Spring 2024!

‌The FTME-coordinated Enrichment Program offers after-school classes at Thurgood Marshall. The three sessions are Fall, Winter and Spring – usually 10-week sessions. Breaks normally occur only during vacation periods and other days when school is closed. Classes are offered by independent vendors, nonprofit organizations and volunteers.

Registration fees are increasing this session! FTME funded 23 scholarships in Fall Enrichment and 30 scholarships for Winter Enrichment. We want to be able to continue to fund as many scholarships as we can and to do so we will need to increase registration fees to $45 per class (up from $25 per class)

A fee is charged for most classes, but a scholarship is available for one class per season for each student who qualifies.

(Please read the scholarship and donation guidelines below before signing up).


Course listings

SPRING 2024 Catalog

Spring registration begins MARCH 8! Mark your calendars because some classes are popular and will fill quickly

There may be some minor changes to the schedule between now and when registration opens on March 8th due to instructor availability. Please check back for updates.

Enrollment opens March 8th at 8pm

2023-24 Key Dates

Fall registration: September 22nd, 2023
Fall session: October 9th, 2023 – December 14th, 2023

Winter registration: December 8th, 2023
Winter session: January 2, 2024 – March 21, 2024
Spring registration: March 8th, 2024
Spring session: March 25, 2024 – June 14, 2024

Updates/news September 14, 2023
We are using new registration software: homeroom.com, available at the catalog link above or HERE. Let us know what you think: enrichment@tmlink.org

How to get a scholarship
Scholarships are based on the honor system. If your child is on free / reduced lunch, or if your family is facing significant financial stress, your child can register for one class at no cost (free). We are limited to only one class request per qualifying student per season. If you sign up for more than one scholarship class for your child, we will contact you to choose only one scholarship class per child.

You are welcome to sign up for additional classes for your child at full rate. In order to do this on homeroom.com, you will have to checkout twice, once for the scholarship class, and a second time for the full rate class(es).

We do recommend a $25 donation per scholarship class if your family is able to. This helps cover registration fees and the costs of hiring SPS teachers to stay after school to help run the program.

The FTME’s ability to grant aid is based on scholarship donations received and by the generosity of enrichment providers who offer scholarships in their classes. We reserve the right to grant or deny all requests for financial aid. For questions, contact enrichment@tmlink.org

Donate to the Scholarship Fund
We were able to fully fund all scholarships for the 2022/23 school year (over $25k in value). Most vendors/enrichment providers donated at least 1 scholarship seat for their class, and the rest of the scholarships were funded by generous donations from parents.
At checkout on the homeroom page, there will be an option for you to donate to the scholarship fund. We recommend that families that are able to contribute donate an additional 15-20% of their class fee in order to fully fund all scholarships. This will go to the FTME account, and we will redistribute these funds to the vendors/enrichment providers.

Enrichment Program policies
– Class times: On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, classes start at 2:35 and are 60-120 minutes long. On Wednesday afternoon, classes start at 1:20 and are 75-90 minutes long.
– No classes during days off or on early release days. See catalog to confirm dates for your child’s class(es).
– If an enrollment minimum is not met, a class may be canceled after the registration deadline. Options for other classes and/or a refund will be made available.
– Paper forms are available in the school office.

Class withdrawal refund policy:

    • Before the first day of class: full refund minus $45 administrative fee
    • After the first class but before the second class: prorated refund minus $45 administrative fee.
    • After the second class: no refund.

Getting to and from class
– Students are expected to transfer independently to an Enrichment class, although we will have volunteers help transfer kindergarten students for the first few weeks. Homeroom teachers are given a class list at the beginning of each session, but they are not responsible for delivering students to their Enrichment classes. If you think this may be a challenge for your child, please contact enrichment@tmlink.org
– Parents are responsible for collecting their children promptly from classes. There will be no supervision for children after their class ends. If prompt pickup becomes an issue, your student may be removed from the class without refund for remaining classes. No bus transportation can be offered for Enrichment Program classes.

Behavior at Thurgood Marshall
We have the expectation of respect for teachers/instructors and good behavior during classes. Students are expected to maintain the same behavioral standards that they have during the regular school day. If there are behavior conflicts, we will do our best to work with the parents/guardian(s), the student, and the class instructor to come up with an acceptable solution.

Our students have a diverse range of needs, please let us know if your student needs additional support or accommodation. If your child requires extra support or 1:1 care during the school day – for example, students that have medical needs, behavior concerns, wandering tendencies, as well as assistance with toileting – please reach out to enrichment@tmlink.org to discuss how we can help them successfully participate in the enrichment programming.

Snack and Clothing
Each child should bring a small, easy-to-eat nut-free snack on class days. Please send your children with clothing appropriate for their classes. Athletics and dance classes require loose-fitting clothes and closed toe rubber-soled shoes. Art can be messy! Please bring an old shirt or a smock.

General Information
Enrichment Programs at Thurgood Marshall do not generate a profit for the FTME (Friends of Thurgood Marshall Elementary). A fee of $45 is collected to cover the direct costs of managing the program (registration portal fees, SPS teacher)

Questions? Contact us at enrichment@tmlink.org.